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Throttle Me (Men of Inked #1) by Chelle Bliss

Throttle Me (Men of Inked #1)
by Chelle Bliss
Release Date: March 31st 2014
Rate: Average+ (3,5 stars)
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Suzy’s a control freak and has her life mapped out - work hard, find a man with a stable job, and live happily ever after. She’s content with the status quo, but her plan comes to a screeching halt when he enters her life and turns it upside down.

City gave up on love when his heart was crushed in college, preferring to be the typical bachelor. He spends his nights hopping from one bed to another and his days working at his family tattoo shop, Inked. A chance encounter on a dark road makes him question what he had sworn off forever – a relationship. 

A night of passion and lust causes them to question everything. Is City the knight in shining armor to the damsel in distress? Can their relationship survive when a fantasy falls apart and a secret comes out that changes everything?

There are only two words to describe Throttle Me: mind-blowing and hot! I was definitely captivated by the story the moment I read the description of City... in his Harley. And Suzy, sweet, bookworm and good Suzy who finds herself with a badass Prince Charming to rescue her and that won't accept a no for an answer.

I liked that the story was shown from both Suzy and City's point of view. You can clearly understand more City after reading his point of view, and you even like him more than the main character! Not because he's hot and sexy. Well, that helps. A lot. But because you get to see that behind all that bad-boy façade he's a sweet guy, without losing his alpha male pose, that would do anything for innocent Suzy.

Reading about how these two met and then how City pushes Suzy until she stops searching for what she calls "her perfect plan", was definitely something I wouldn't want to miss. These two have a lot of chemistry going on and once they get past the first physical attraction and get to know each other, you can see how cute can be together and that they are couple material.

I appreciated that we get to meet Suzy's social circle and City's family and job and the the story was not only focused on how much Suzy and City were hot for each other.

Despite this, the ending felt to me like it was suddenly rushed or at least was not what I was expecting. Maybe I wanted a glimpse further in the future than the one we see at the very end.  However, this was a truly enjoyable read that I recommend to those fans of erotica literature. Meeting City can change your reading-world, ladies!

Chelle Bliss did a wonderful job and created a sexy, hot and definitely story full of chemistry that would blow the reader's mind. This was my first erotica book and I definitely don't regret picking Ms. Bliss' book.
I highly recommend this book to all romance and erotica readers and to those readers who think that tattoos are hot as hell!

Chelle is an avid reader; consuming contemporary romance, dark reads, young adult, and all things erotica. Chelle wanted to create a book filled with characters that readers could relate to with real world problems and matching wallets.

Chelle loves to travel and her favorite cities are New Orleans and Paris. She currently lives in Florida with her amazing boyfriend. He's showed her the love and passion that she has poured onto the page.

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