Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's my birthday!

Book Addicts!

Today is my birthday! YAAY! *Throwing confetti* And I wanted it to sort of celebrate it with you all. Before we start with the good stuff, I wanted to thank each one of you for following my site and spreading so much love for books. You guys are rock stars and I truly appreciate that you are there to support all those amazing authors out there dying to share their stories with us.

Also wanted to thank the FFBC Team for their incredible job in each and every FFBC Tour and our amazing FFBC authors that we love them and their amazing books!

And don't want to forget either of my sisters: Anasheh Satoorian (at A Reading Nurse) and Nikki Kelly (author of the Styclar Saga) who are simply amazing, making me laugh every time we have a twitter conversation.

But Anasheh, my US sister, is beyond awesome and I am very very very lucky to have had the chance to get to know her (virtually, 'cause... have you checked out the distance in google maps? It's more than just a walk). And she's spreading her book loving and awesomeness for my birthday throughout the blogosphere by giving away three amazon gift cards! With Rosa's help, she even made me a banner!!!!

Okay, so after spreading my love for you all, let's start with the book-party! We'll start with Anasheh's amazing and completely unexpected gifts. She's hosting three giveaways for the chance to win a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Click on the icons below to go to each giveaway:

We can party a little bit more and If you lived closer to me I'd offer you some cake, but for some of you that would be kind of impossible (we have talked about the distances... hate them).

So to compensate the distances, I'm hosting a super birthday giveaway. Since it's my birthday and offering any book you want. Meaning, the winner gets to choose a book. It can be ebook format or paperback. Pre-order or not pre-order. Young Adult, New Adult or Adult. Any book you are dying to have in your hands and read it until the pages are torn! 

And since this is all about book-loving, this my list of books I highly recommend to you. Some of them are series, so I recommend all the books in the series: 

  • The giveaway is international as long as Bookdepository ships to you.
  • If the format of choice is ebook format, the book will be gifted via Amazon.
  • There's no price limit. But no book boxes. And a friendly reminder that I am a fellow student and that means that I am broke, but I'm willing to throw some money 'cause it's an special occasion! :P
  • Must be 13 or older to enter
  • Giveaway starts JUNE 25th and ends JULY 10th
  • All entries are double-checked and false entries will be disqualified
  • Winner will be notified via email and needs to answer in 48 hours letting us know if he/she accepts the prize and send us his/her full name and address.
  • Your personal information won't be used or be seen unless you're the winner of the giveaway. I won't sell it nor use it in a bad way. Just to send you lots of goodies and books!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an awesome day! And thanks for the give away! I've been dying to read We Were Liars! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! We were Liars is an awesome pick! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Happy birthday! Be crazy, stay nerdy.

  3. Happy birthday fellow reader! I hope you get tons of books! And share beautiful moments with your family and friends! Thank yo so much for the giveaway! What is the limit price, sweetie?

    1. Hi Jessica,
      thank you so much! There's no price limit. But no book boxes and a friendly reminder that I am an student and broke hahaha but since it's my birthday I'm throwing the money out of the window for all you bookish people out there :P

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! If I win I probably choose Hexed or Wanted :) Thanks!!

  5. Happy Birthday, hun!!! Hope you have an amzing day! Birthdays only come around once a year ;D I don't know what book I want... maybe Landline by Rainbow Rowell (I have no idea if it's even available). Anyways, have a great day!

    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

  6. Happy Birthday!
    Enjoy omg :3
    Which book are you dying to read and/or would you choose if you win?
    Katie McGarry's books. I loved Dare You To so… I need the other ones haha.
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Happy Birthday!! <3

    Which Book are you dying to read?
    That is such a hard choice! I am thinking The Murder Complex :)

  8. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Sorry it's late.

    I'm always wanting to read new books, though I do have a massive amount to read right now. I really liked the sound of Lailah, but I'm sure there are far more I'd like to read.

  9. Happy birthday! I'm dying to read Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley!

  10. Happy Birthday! :)

    I'm eagerly awaiting Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. I actually have it pre-ordered, but I'd rather win it. :)

    But I can always choose something else; I want lots of different books. Thanks for the chance in this generous giveway! :)

  11. Happy birthday! I'm not sure what I would choose, maybe The Merciless or the new Kelley Armstrong Visions.

  12. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the giveaway! I've been dying to read These Broken Stars.

  13. Happy Birthday!
    All the best :)

  14. Isla and The Happily Ever After :)
    (Ileana A.-rafflecopter)

  15. happy birthday!

    I'm dying to read A Storm of Swords Part 2.

  16. Happy birthday!!! Hope it's an amazing one! :) I would pick either Red Rising or Dreams of Gods & Monsters. Thanks for a giveaway! :)

  17. Happy birthday! All the best! :D
    I would LOVE to get Isla and The Happily Ever After! So looking forward to finally reading it!

    My rafflecopter name is Neira.