Friday, October 4, 2013

The Unofficial Express Yourself Event #5

Read our review here:

What we think about Chloe:

What we think about her Six Months of memory loss:

How we felt when Maggie was mad and Chloe was "alone":

When Adam told Chloe to go home:

What we think about Blake:

And what we wanted to YELL at Blake:

What we think about Adam:

What we think about Maggie:

How we reacted when we read that Chloe might be crazy:

What we think about the bad guy:

And when you finish the book all you want to say is:

How we feel about SIX MONTHS LATER:

Read our review here:

Find Me (Find Me #1) by Romily Bernard

What we think about about Wicked

What we think after knowing her family drama and her life

What we wanted to do to Lily after complaining so much and blame Wick

How we feel about Griff

What we wanted to ask Tessa

What we wanted to tell Wicked

How we imagined the bad guy was

What I yelled while reading the book

What we imagined when the bad guy tells Wick he's the bad guy

What I wanted to yell after finishing the book

How we felt after knowing who was the bad guy

How we acted after finishing

And what we keep telling ourselves after reading FIND ME

And that's all our Express Yourself for today, Book Addicts!

I hope you had some AWESOME fun with our feelings and that you'll come back for more the next time!

And we have only one more thing to say about these two books

Goodbye, Book Addicts!


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I love this. I'm going to elope with this post. We'll go to Maui. It will be beautiful. You guys are so incredibly amazing. The best tour people ever!!! YAYYAYAYAYAY!

    1. YAAAY! So happy you liked it! There were a lot of feelings unsaid, so what a better tribute than doing our Express Yourself post? hahaha So glad you had fun with this post and with the blog tour ;)
      We have to repeat this! ;D

  2. I am so late to the party (was offline at writers' conference), but I'm with Nat. I need to run off with this post. We will live happily ever after together.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for having us!!

    1. No worries, Rom. I'm really happy that you liked this post and that you had fun with the tour ;D
      We have to do this again! Thanks for stopping by ^^