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Carter Reed by Tijan

Carter Reed
Release Date: September 30th, 2013
Rate: Loved it

One decision brought Emma's world down. She skipped the gym and went home early where she found her roommate being raped by the boyfriend. So she shot him, right through his head. The bad side of this story is that the cops won't help Emma, because the bastard that was raping her roommate, Jeremy Dunvan, was the son of a mafia leader. 
After leaving everything behind, trying to scape, but without not knowing where to go, they end up at a friend's house. However, Emma knows that they are not safe. And when in the news say Jeremy Dunvan is missing, not found dead, she knows that she needs to find the only man that can protect her: Carter Reed, a weapon for the family mafia Jeremy Dunvan was in, Emma's secret and her brother's best friend. 
Lethal, protecting, hot and powerful Carter Reed is not the same boy Emma knew, but their attraction is stronger now. And when things start to be deadly dangerous, Emma would need to trust someone. Will Carter be that person?

I'm officially in love with Tijan's books, so when I saw the chance to read a new book of hers? I didn't have time to blink, before I asked to be part of this tour. And I'm really happy about my reaction, because I can now say that I'm in love with Carter Reed, both character and book. 
So recently I've been reading a lot of books involving the mafia in some sort of way, which makes me feel like I'm pledging for one or something. But with Carter Reed is something different. He's a mystery, ladies. He's beyond hot, a man with capital letters, successful, with money, dangerous and with a mob agenda. I mean he's like the bad boy of every girl's dream. And why I'm saying this? Because he is in the mafia because of Emma, to protect her. It's beyond romantic, in a twisted-male kind of way. But, again, you just cannot stop falling in love with him.
Emma is definitely a strong character. Because, hey, the first reaction when you see someone raping your roommate is grabbing a gun and shoot the guy in the head? Not missing the target? That's being  more than brave. My first question was: "Emma, how do you know to do that and why do you have a freaking gun?". 
It's impossible to not like her. She's loyal to her friends and she'll do anything to protect them. I liked that she's the damsel in distress in this story, but without overreacting. She needs protection and help, but she stays strong and tries to find a solution, something, not just to protect herself, but her friends, too. So, thank you, Tijan, for not creating a desperate, I-think-I-hate-her character and creating a badass character like Emma.
It's also true that, at some point, when she blamed herself for, well, let's say everything, it was kind of frustrating. Just a little bit. I mean, girl, we know you're mourning, but you're not God! Listen to my Carter! 
As for their relationship? I felt their physical attraction and I knew that there was a story behind all that sexual tension! I knew it! And at first, Carter was all into playing with Emma's attraction. Even I feel frustrated! Come on, Carter! Don't play with our little hearts!
There are other characters that play a good and creative role in the story. Like the roommate, Mallory, that we knew from the first page that she was doomed. She knew who Jeremy Dunvan was, but she let him enter her life. Or Amanda, Emma's best friend, and the only one that I really worried about, becuase she was a good person in the middle of a mess she didn't want nor expected. Or Ben... Let's just say that I didn't like the guy and still don't like him...
While the story keeps going, you meet other characters that later you cannot forget. Like Noah, Emma's boss and Carter's friend. He's nice and cute and it's obviously in love with Theresa. And who's Theresa? Emma's new friend from work. She's sweet, loyal, noble and spontaneous. I totally like her.
And there's a lot of bad guys, because remember, a mafia family is hunting Emma for killing Jeremy Dunvan and Carter is in the other mafia family, so that means mafia everywhere!
The plot is unique. With Tijan's style you enter a story were the unexpected is about to happen. There's a lot of twists and unraveling secrets that you were not expecting and it's what makes this story so good. And what shocked me the most is that when you think everything is fine and they are going to have, finally, their happy ending, something bad, unpleasant and unexpected happens. 
This story is full of action, drama, romance, betrayal, friendship and more drama! And you can get addicted to it. So If you're willing to fall in love with Carter Reed, boy and book, what are you waiting for? This is definitely a must read story and you need to read it. 
Because of the badass story, the awesome characters and the space this book has now in my heart, I'm giving Carter Reed five gorjuss dolls from our rating system, and hope to read more about other characters from this book, like Theresa and Noah's story? (Just an idea...). I would love to read about these two.

Our Dream Cast:

Jeff Tomsik as Carter Reed
Candice Accola as Emma

"Tell me what happened." His plea was so soft. 

I broke. This wasn't the stranger anymore. This was Carter, the boy I had grown up with. I flung my arms around him and pulled him down. Instead of fighting, I clung to him now. 

He wrapped his arms around me and rolled to his side. He patted my back and tucked his head into the crook of my neck and shoulder. I felt his lips brush there as he repeated, "You have to tell me. I won't hurt you. I will protect you." 

A shudder went through my body. At last. Those were the words I was desperate for. He moved his hands, one sliding down to my hip and the other cradling the back of my head, he pressed into me. The last of my reserve fled then. A gasp escaped me and I pressed against him. I needed him. 


Shame flooded me. He knew. What kind of person was I? Fighting, running away, and then starting to tremble in his arms? 

His hand started to caress my hip. His fingers slid underneath my shirt and moved under my pants' waistband. He held me there, his hand splayed out. I tried to resist, but I wanted to wind my legs around him. I wanted to pull him on top of me and feel his hand between my legs. But I didn't do anything. I lay there, still, as my heart pounded inside of me. He could feel the beat against him. The thumping drowned everything else out. 

He pressed a soft kiss to my forehead and raised himself up again. He looked down at me. The plea in his eyes was still there. As he brushed some of my hair from my forehead, he asked, "Do you not trust me?" 

I nodded. "I'm scared of you." 

A small grin appeared at the corners of his mouth. "You are?" 

"I don't know who you are anymore." I couldn't believe I was admitting any of that, but I needed to trust someone. I had to if I was going to survive what I had done. Feeling a little bit brave, I touched his chest. My hand spread out like his was on my back. His heart was steady. I murmured, "I know who you are. I know you're the Cold Killer. I know what you did for AJ." A tear slipped from the corner of my eye. It fell unheeded. "I always wanted to thank you for that."

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Tijan started writing later in life, after she had already graduated college with a different direction in mind and a different degree under her belt. Hitting the brakes on that path, she taught herself how to write a good book and began posting at sites such as Fictionpress, along with Wattpad. After receiving such encouraging messages from readers, she self-published Fallen Crest High and has continued throughout the year. She continues to keep writing NA books!

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