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The Fantastic Flying Book Club: Find Me by Romily Bernard

Find Me 
Romily Bernard
307 pages
Publisher: Harper Teen / Simon & Schuster UK
Release Date: September 24th, 2013
Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Romance
Rate: Loved it


Those words are the key to enter Wicket's mystery word. And believe me, Book Addicts, you won't regret it. Not just because Wicked is the most wonderful character I've ever read about, with a badass site and a real attitude, but because Romily Bernard brings the mystery and the creepy side of this story to a another level. To an incredible and magnificent level. 
I am definitely bookstruck, creep out and eager to know more about Wick's story. And what made this book even more mysterious and that brings the reader to the point of missing the "dead" character, are Tessa Waye's diary entries.
I think that these entries are really important since we don't really get the chance to meet the character that provoked all the chaos in Wicket's life. You don't really know, at first, why this matter. She committed suicide. It's not a common thing, but it's not like someone actually kill her. So you just read some dark entries that Tessa wrote. However, there's more to the story and when you keep reading, the entries get more interesting, dark and mysterious. Like she's trying to say something, without saying it. It makes the story even more mysterious, If that could even happen. 

Everyone thinks I'm a good girl. If they only knew.
-Page 11 of Tessa Waye's diary

Let's start with a little sneak peak into the story. Wicket, or Wick, and her sister, Lily, are in the foster system after their father did some pretty bad stuff and got him arrested. But the bad news for both girls, is that he got away and they are really afraid of him turning back. He's seriously bad news. 
What's even sadder, is that her mother committed suicide a long time ago, so they don't have anyone else.
But what makes Wicket a really cool character is that she's some sort of hacker-genious. It comes almost naturally and she has a lot of expertise since she did all her father's dirty job (scamming, getting information...). Not that she wanted! However this skill, allows her to have her own "business". She knows what volatile can be being in a foster home, so she needs the money to be prepared. Just in case. She even has a scary cop that seems to have some sort of fixation with her and she's afraid that he knew about her skills. Also he wants to know about her dad.
Everything changes when she receives Tessa Waye's diary after she committed suicide. And a letter: FIND ME. Mysterious?
She isn't so happy about this. Her secret's out and someone knows about her skills. Despite this, when she discovers that Tessa's death might not be as much of a simple suicide, but a scape, that makes her want to know more. And when she knows that the person who hurt Tessa so much to scape in that kind of way is hunting Lily, is when it just gets personal.

I don't think about my life as having to live up to my parents' expectations. I want to. I'm just doing an epically shitty job of it.
-Page 14 of Tessa Waye's diary

This story is pretty amazing. I was so scared after reading it that I double checked my wardrobes (just in case), my whole bedroom and my computer. Yep, I'm like that. 
Despite my compulsive reaction of being afraid of... well... everything, I couldn't stop reading this book. The mystery was way too much. I couldn't stop thinking what really happened to Tessa, what was her story, what was going to happen and, most important, who was the bad guy. 

We don't have guns. My mom keeps the knives locked up... There has to be another way.
-Page 51 of Tessa Waye's diary

The characters are something different. And I loved it. The main character Wick, is strong, kind of badass and has seen how messy and awful life can be. She has her fears and insecurities, like any other person. She has an awful past and she just feels the need to protect the only person she has left and that she loves the most: her sister, Lily. 
I couldn't keep thinking about her as a mother to Lily, even If she didn't intent to be. And I truly admire her. 
What also makes you laugh a lot is her relationship with her school mates. Not what they do to her, but her interactions after that with Griff. She's afraid of standing out, but she can't help it. She need to do some remark or comment when someone is being mean or bitchy. 
But what makes you just love her is her sarcastic humor and badass attitude. I'm not sure I really can describe her, so here's an example of her humor:

Jenna has a finely ground glitter smeared across her face and shoulders, and I can't really stop staring. She kind of.... twinkles. I'm sure Jenna thinks it's fabulous.
But I think she looks like she was molested by a fairy.

Lily is sweet, innocent and naïve. Everything Wick's not. And Wick wants to keep her that way. She believes everything's okay because they now have a home and two foster parents than seem to care about them and that anyone is capable of being bad, apart from their father. 
I didn't like just one tiny little thing; how she blames Wick. For everything bad that comes their way. I wanted to scream: "She's protecting you, ungrateful girl!". But I remember that Lily is a little sweet, innocent kid and that she is the bait in this story, so I couldn't yell at her. How could I?
And Griff... Wow, that boy brings sexy and hot to the nerdy team. He's, what Wick's says, a nerd with some good and hot attributes that would make you faint or/and scream. He's a good boy, even when he wants to be a bad one. He's totally adorable. And he calls Wick, Wicked. Hot, good, nerd and funny. I might be in love, again.

"Okay, fine, but close the window after me." Griff's devious grin has returned. He straddles my windowsill with more grace than you would think such a thin, tall guy would have. "You never know who might climb up that tree again, Wicked"

And what really stole my heart was that we really cared about Wick. Not the Oh-I-just-saw-you-so-call-me-maybe kind. He saw her, really saw her, a long time ago and he was waiting, I don't really know, something from her, maybe a normal conversation and something more. But it definitely steals your heart. 

"Three years, Wicked. I waited three years, and you were worth every damn second,"

What truly impress you is how Romily Bernard created a perfect teenage romance in the middle of all the suspense, mystery and thriller, without losing the mysterious touch that truly defines this story.
Find Me captivate me from the first page. And I'm not just talking about the amazing cover that reminds me of some sort of hacking code and the promise of mystery that this story brings its readers, I'm talking about the actual story. Wick's story. I loved everything: the suspense, the romance, the mystery, the creepy parts and the anxious parts. Yep, there's also an anxious part. 

"Come Out, Come Out,
Wherever You Are..."

Romily Bernard couldn't have write a better debut novel and I'm truly proud and honored to have had the chance to host a blog tour for her mind-blowing book. 
I'm giving this story a five gorjuss well-deserved dolls and I'm looking forward to reading more stories by this incredible author. And, definitely, will be waiting anxiously to read the following books in the Find Me series. Because, Book Addicts, there's more mystery coming our way!

I hated that heroine. You know, the girl from Twilight. She just... got consumed by Edward. She didn't just fade into him. He devoured her. I said I'd never be like that, and yet... here I am. I feel like he's eaten away every part of me.
-Page 31 of Tessa Waye's diary

Avril Lavigne as Wick
Alex Pettyfer as Griff
Elle Fanning as Lily

What do you think, Book Addicts

Ellen Page as Wick
Logan Lerman as Griff
Dakota Fanning as Lily


Okay, I should preface this with the statement that I loved everything about this book. From cover to cover, Find Me is a hotrod on crack, with hairpin turns and breathless descents into terror. It is So. Darn. Good. 

But I will try to give you a quick play by play of just why I love it. 

F is for Fierce. And fierce is for Wick. This character will live with me forever. She breaks my heart and makes me laugh. Bernard writes her with so much honesty and skill that it's a little mind-blowing. Lines like this one..."When Griff touches me, I feel like something inside me pitches sideways and breaks." 

I is for Intense. Brace yourself. This book isn't for the faint of heart. It's a heart-pounding thrill ride from page one to page three hundred and seven. 

N is for No, Please Don't End. I devoured this book so fast that I was desperate for the next installment the second I closed the first. While the conclusion does satisfy (oh, boy does it satisfy!) Wick's story is far from over and I want more. Thank God Remember Me (Book Two!) is due out next year. 

D is for Dangerous. Bernard knows how to make the stakes matter. This book isn't dealing with a girl who's worried about a stolen car. This is a race for survival and no scene is wasted on the unnecessary. Tightly woven and perfectly paced, it is everything a thriller should be. I read, holding my breath, wondering if anything resembling a happy ending was possible. Pure genius. 

M is for Masterful. Bernard's voice is fresh and intoxicating. Chapter endings like this one hooked me in, making me sigh and keeping me on the edge of my seat at the same time: 

"I press my cheek between Griff's shoulder blades and hear my fear grow pulse and breath. The faster we go, the faster it follows." 

I mean, really? Wow, right? 

E is for Exciting. I think I've already made it clear this book is exciting, so that's not what I'm talking about. Reading this book made me feel like an early explorer. Like I'd stumbled across something new and untouched, a fresh voice that I have no doubt will be a huge force in this genre. 

In short -- though nothing about this is short! -- this is a stunning debut from an author who's going to do some amazing things to the YA landscape. Can't wait to see what's next for Ms. Bernard because after finding Find Me, I know I'll need more!

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  1. I completely agree with everything you've said in this review! Find Me was definitely an incredible read! However, unlike you, I did find the mystery element to be a little predictable, but, surprisingly, that didn't really ruin my reading experience very much because everything else in the book was practically flawless!

    As always, wonderful review! :)

    1. Hi Zoe,

      So happy we share the same thoughts. I really liked FIND ME. So much, I made my boyfriend read it! hahaha He liked it, too and all I said was "I told you!".

      Thank you so much for stopping by our site ^^ And really glad you liked my review.