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FFBC: Welcome to the club, 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

99 Days
by Katie Cotugno
384 pages
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: April 21st 2015
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Day 1: Julia Donnelly eggs my house my first night back in Star Lake, and that’s how I know everyone still remembers everything—how I destroyed my relationship with Patrick the night everything happened with his brother, Gabe. How I wrecked their whole family. Now I’m serving out my summer like a jail sentence: Just ninety-nine days till I can leave for college, and be done.

Day 4: A nasty note on my windshield makes it clear Julia isn’t finished. I’m expecting a fight when someone taps me on the shoulder, but it’s just Gabe, home from college and actually happy to see me. “For what it’s worth, Molly Barlow,” he says, “I’m really glad you’re back.”

Day 12: Gabe got me to come to this party, and I’m actually having fun. I think he’s about to kiss me—and that’s when I see Patrick. My Patrick, who’s supposed to be clear across the country. My Patrick, who’s never going to forgive me.

Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver

The West Wing

Almost Famous

It changes! Right now it’s “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon


Capeside, Massachusetts; Dillon, Texas; Stars Hollow, Connecticut

Wes from Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever. Wes is dreamy as hell. 

“It's exactly like this damned ulcer I picked up. Do you know why I have it? Or at least nine-tenths of the reason I have it? Because when I'm not thinking properly, I let my feelings about television and everything else get personal." –JD Salinger

All kinds of stuff! Alice Hoffman books, Canadian cop shows, romance novels by Cara McKenna, Bridges of Madison County the musical, Mallory Ortberg’s tweets, Shonda Rhimes’s existence on this planet. 

Hillary Clinton. 

Hi guys!

Hello Katie! We are super excited to have you in our FFBC tours.

 99 DAYS is a smart, sexy summer romance about first loves, second loves, girl friendships, betrayal, and the double standards we hold girls and guys to when it comes to sex and romance. Also, it has a ton of kissing in it. 

Did you find inspiration in any other story/movie/show and how has this affected your writing? I’m never not cannibalizing stuff I’ve seen and read and loved and hated. 99 DAYS in particular is in many ways an homage to Dirty Dancing and Mystic Pizza, which are two of my favorite summer movies. 

"It's still pouring as we take off again, a cautious jog that builds to something faster; just me and him and the sound of the rain on the blacktop, running through the end of the world.”

There’s skinny dipping in this book!

I think Molly is probably the most openhearted heroine I’ve ever written, but she’s also the one who makes the most mistakes. She acts selfishly sometimes, and her decision-making isn’t always a hundred percent solid. But she learns. 

Ahaha, hopefully they can judge for themselves when they read the book! But my intention was definitely to write a true love triangle—one where each relationship was equally important, including the one between the brothers. 

Oh man, there are so many! Maybe “Strings” by Young the Giant. 

I will tell you, I have been watching a lot of The 100 lately and the kid who plays Bellamy has grown on me, like, A LOT. 

Sit outside, bring a pack of Red Vines, settle in!

I’m working on a book now about the teen pop factory in 1997 Orlando. It’s the darkest thing I’ve ever written by far, but I’m having a weirdly fun time with it. 

Thank you so much for everything, Katie!

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Katie Cotugno went to Catholic school for thirteen years which makes her, as an adult, both extremely superstitious and prone to crushes on boys wearing blazers. She routinely finds herself talking about the romantic endeavors of characters on TV shows as if they actually exist in the world.

Katie is a Pushcart Prize nominee whose work has appeared in The Broadkill Review, The Apalachee Review, and Argestes, as well as on Her first novel, HOW TO LOVE, is due out from Balzer + Bray on October 1st, 2013.

The great loves of Katie's life include child's pose, her little sister, and mozzarella and honey sandwiches. She lives in Boston (and in sin) with her boyfriend, Tom.

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  1. I would love to win 99 Days because this sounds like the perfect contemporary I have been needing my entire life! Plus that cover is flawless!