Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, Book Addicts!

Book Addicts! Happy New Year! I hope you had as much fun I had celebrating the transition to 2015 and I hope this year comes filled with happiness and books for you all.

So I was thinking about doing a quick re-cap of the last thing I did on 2014 and the first thing I did on 2015 and I would love to hear from you, too. You can leave all the answers in the comments section. So here we go...

I remember it like it was last night... Sorry, I promise to leave the bad jokes out of this post from now on. I was getting ready for a party I was going after having dinner with the family to celebrate with some friends the 2015 and what a better way to get into the mood than with Taylor Swift? Oh yes. My mirror watched me sang a few times Shake it Off before welcoming the 2015.

As for the first song in 2015, it was actually going to the mentioned party, in my car, and it was Best Day of My Life by American Authors.

I think this is a question filled with emotion, since the last book I read in 2014 was Until The End by Abbi Glines and it's the end of the Sea Breeze series and it was just so beautiful, so great... that if it wasn't for that mind-blowing ending I would be ugly crying even now.

As for the first book I'm reading, and I say reading 'cause guys I didn't have time to finish any book yet with having to deal with the next-day-after-a-party/hangover, would be The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. It was a christmas gift from me, to.. well, me, and I've read a lot of great reviews and people fangirling over the boys in this book, so it's time to give it a try to this series. 

This is an easy one. The last show I watched was The 100. OMG! Did you see the last episode?! As for the first show I watched this year I would have to say The Originals. I have to catch up on the last episodes and I started today :)

"Ugh... I'm so hungry... I need to blog about this."

Okay guys, so this is it. Just let me know all your answers in the comments if you want and if you have some time ;) Also a quick reminder that there are some giveaways on my site still going on, including the huge Christmas Giveaway. And I have new challenges this year that you can check out on this post: 2015 Challenges

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