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Book Blitz: Hollowed Humusara (Primortus Chronicles #2) by J.L. Bond and Val Richards

Hollowed Humusara (Primortus Chronicles #2)
by J.L. Bond and Val Richards
Release Date: 11/26/14
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It begins again! Skylee Porter thinks the worst is over. She has faced her greatest fear, the monstrous black-eyed Brinfrost and survived with the help of Chrism, her shape-shifting sister. Sky even had the courage to finally admit her true feelings to Will.

But something has changed. The three people she trusts the most are acting strange. Will seems distant. Her talkative sister has clammed up. Even Airon is keeping secrets.

Soon, Sky discovers the leaders of the Primortus have plans for her. Then, to her dismay, they threaten to take away her magical book. The Humusara, the very thing that tethers her to the world she so desperately wants to protect. And now, the earth is trembling again. Could there be another Day of Disaster?

Dark powers are at work. Two prophecies loom on the horizon. One declares she’s the hope of humankind. While the other proclaims she’ll destroy us all.

Sky’s destiny awaits her…

Hollowed Humusara
by J.L. Bond & Val Richards

On Cable Street a shrill siren echoed through the air accompanied by the sound of blaring car alarms. Clambering in all directions were throngs of frightened pedestrians, but two figures seemed to be in no hurry at all.   
“Fools,” scoffed the taller man as he strode away from Te Papa museum without a backward glance. He darted his coal black eyes around at the crowd. “Go ahead—run,” he said in a tone void of any human kindness. “There’s nowhere to hide.”
Brinfrost’s long frame was clad in a tattered janitor’s uniform coated in dust, making him appear as if he had been through a sand storm. His encounter with the Second Born had not gone as planned.
“Skylee Porter will pay for this,” he snarled. He glanced down at the bloody cloth around his snake-bitten wrist. “And her slithering Shifter.”
Shuffling along meekly in his wake was his servant, Blaze. “Yes s-sir, they’ll p-pay,” he stuttered.
The odd looking redhead also wore dust-covered overalls, which stretched too tautly across his squat, muscular frame. He kept his eyes glued on his Master, his face filled with fear, submission, and a hint of defiance. Breathing in quick shallow bursts, he struggled to keep up as he looked down at his palms, which glowed reddish orange.
The servant didn’t understand how his power over fire worked or for that matter where it came from, but only moments ago, he had used it to heat the steel beams and pull his Master free.
Brinfrost quickened his step. “So, they’ll pay?”
Blaze nodded.
“Well, who should pay for that debacle at the museum?”
The servant nervously cleared his throat. “I—I don’t—w-we got away and—”
And why don’t I have the Elementum?” interrupted Brinfrost. “Was this part of my plan?” He waved his swollen arm at him.
Blaze continued nodding in confusion.
Brinfrost came to a halt. “No!” he spat out, looking in disgust at the servant, who stopped and switched to vigorously shaking his head.
“F-forgive m-me,” he pleaded, sounding more panicked than ever. “I—I w-will do as you—”
“Shut up!” ordered Brinfrost, turning and stalking off.

The servant clamped his mouth shut and dutifully followed him. It was not yet dark, but their shadows lengthened as they continued down the sidewalk.

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J.L. Bond and Val Richards met in college in Clarksville Tennessee, where Val excelled in Math and J.L excelled in creative ways to talk Val out of going to class. A few years later…okay, more than a few, they found themselves living about an hour away from one another in Florida and joined forces to write the Primortus Chronicles, YA fantasy- adventure series. Nowadays, J.L. likes to remind Val that Math isn’t necessary for writing.

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