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The Promise Of Amazing by Robin Constantine

The Promise Of Amazing 
Robin Constantine
320 pages
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: December 31st, 2013
Rate: Enjoyed it

Meet average Wren Caswell. When you talked about average is something that means: no popularity,  however not a social misfit. No possibilities of enter to Harvard, because of being "too quiet". But she's the good girl, the girl who's always done what she's supposed to.
But being average saved her from her routine. Because she saved Grayson Barrett by being average.
Grayson Barrett's life is far from okay. Being St Gabe's star of lacrosse was something, but he also was top of his class and a promised brilliant future ahead of him. Until he got caught and expelled for being a term paper pimp. But what is most important is that a girl who didn't know him saved him and, for the first time, he's Grayson Barrett to her and not anyone else.
When fate crosses their paths, they had the opportunity to safe each other. But like every other relationship, they have to come to terms with their pasts first.

Robin Constantine debut novel was everything we were expecting from a book called The Promise Of Amazing. Not only is a story of two teenagers struggling with their problems and with what destiny throughs them, but it's the story of the discovery of true love, who they really are and the possibility of losing everything in a blink. We're unofficially in love with this story. 
Wren Caswell is not an heroine, not a popular girl and not even a girl you wish you could trade places. This is just because Wren is an average girl. She's not popular, too quiet and even one teacher tells her that she'll not have a chance in going to Harvard. Not that she wanted to go. But how frustrating is that someone tells you what you are capable of or not capable of? Well, then you'll perfectly understand Wren. 
To add a little bit of drama to her life, Wren was in love. With her brother's friend. But he dumped her before he went to college, because he wanted to see more people.
Now with a broken heart and an average label like a neon sign in her, she deals with her life. At the possibility of not going to college and thinking about running her mother's business. 
There's where she meets Grayson. At a weeding and when he was choking. She saved his life and both their worlds changed forever. 

""Guess you're thinking, Why'd I save this asshole?" he said, leaning against the car.
Our eyes met. The tool was gone. And there it was - that longing - like right after I'd saved him. What did he want from me?
"God, Grayson, no, I'm not thinking that at all" I said, taking a step back from him."

The best part of this book is that there's not only Wren's point of view, but Grayson's point of view as well. We get to know, deep down, Grayson and what he's struggling with and how he feels after everything that happened to him. And what made our hearts beat faster, what he thinks about Wren.
We really like Grayson. He had a different life and being chocked with food and almost die, was like a wake up call for him.
When he was expelled from his school, we couldn't believe that a guy like Grayson would be involved in the amount of problems this character is. What we thought it was a term paper primp problem, ended up being a whole lot more with our antagonist, Luke, to make us hate him for trying to destroy our beloved Grayson.
However, we have to confess that at some point we start to have mixed feelings for Luke. At this exact point:

""You closed your eyes", he said as I walked away.
I stopped, a stream of students and residents continued flowing around me.

We think that if a writer affects her/his readers this way, he/she has accomplish the mission: create a wonderful story. And not only we lived Wren and Grayson story with them, we wanted to know more! Because it's difficult be a teenager, but the path is more challenging when you're labelled an average girl or you're doomed to be a term paper primp and seduce girls to take advantage of them.
The turn outs in the story where unexpected and the description of the book does not entirely make justice to Wren & Grayson's hilarious, complicated and romantic story. 
Curious? Well, we have a solution for this. You just have to add to your shelf this wonderful book and wait until The Promise Of Amazing hits your bookstores. This funny, poignant and wonderful story is going to hooked you from the first page, wanting to know more about Wren and about Grayson and how they story ends up. Because being a teenage is everything, but easy.

My first pick

Beau Mirchoff as Grayson
Bonnie Wright as Wren
Brant Daugherty as Luke

My second pick for Grayson & Wren

Britt Robertson as Wren
Logan Lerman as Grayson

What do you think, Book Addicts? Which Dream Cast do you like more?

Want to see Robin Constantine's Dream Cast? Click here.

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Robin Constantine is a born and bred Jersey girl who moved down South so she could wear flip-flops year round. She spends her days dreaming up stories where love conquers all, well, eventually but not without a lot of peril, angst and the occasional kissing scene.

Her YA debut, THE PROMISE OF AMAZING, will be released in 2014 by Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

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  1. I love the Grayson Robin chose and I love the first one you chose. Beau Mirchoff? Yeah. Definitely like him haha. I like Bonnie Wright as Wren, too. She seems to match the cover and the description of Wren I have in my head, although I have yet to read the book.
    After reading you're review, I have to say. I am looking forward to Grayson's POV. I've always found is so fascinating reading from a guy's POV. And a lost soul like Grayson? Can't wait! Thanks for the review :D

    1. Hi!
      So happy you liked my review. At first I was completely sure about my picks, but then, don't know why, after finishing the book, I had my doubts. So... More Dream Casts! hahah
      I have to confess that Bonnie came to my mind after watching the couple in the cover. That's one of the reasons and also 'cause I thought she would play amazingly the sweet and innocent side of Wren, but also with a mature touch.
      I loved this book. So sweet. I hope you like it, too ^^
      Thanks for stopping by! Is always nice to hear from readers ^^