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Precious Consequences (Consequences #1) by Tamsyn Bester

Precious Consequences (Consequences #1)
by Tamsyn Bester
218 pages
Publisher: HuntleyGray Publishing
Release Date: November 10th, 2013
Rate: Loved it

All it took was one night to change the rest of my life. 

One night that created irrevocable consequences. 

But some consequences aren’t all bad.

They can be amazing…beautiful… Precious.

I willingly accepted those consequences and wrote a new plan for my life. But that plan didn’t include Cameron Argent – the sexy-as-sin tattooed playboy who got under my skin the moment I laid eyes on him. I was headed down a dark and dangerous road where he was concerned and in the end, our relationship was inevitable. Despite our dark secrets, our feelings for each other burned brighter than a thousand stars and left us both naked, vulnerable.

But when my past came rolling back into my life like a Summer storm, I wasn’t sure if his love for me was enough. 
Was he prepared to deal with the consequences of a past I couldn’t regret or would he walk away with my beating heart in his hands?

(This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance novel & contains language & adult situations. Not recommended for readers younger than 17)

I already said this, but Tamsyn Bester is a great and wonderful author. And she showed us, readers, once more how she can create beautiful and swoony stories with her new book Precious Consequences.
In this sweet story, we meet Hayley. She is an amazing girl and she shows us how one action can change your future. But she does not regret it, because thanks to one mistake she has the most wonderful thing in her life: her daughter. 
You really sympathize with her and can easily relate yourself with her. She is strong, fierce, passionate and protective over her loved ones. I would love to have her as a friend. And she always helps her friends.
Cameron is the school playboy. And honoring that title, he's sexy and hot as hell, cocky and secure with himself. I cannot say that he changes one hundred per cent when she meets Hayley, 'cause Cam is still Cam, with all his cockiness and all. But he stops being a playboy to win Hayley's heart. 
However, Hayley is afraid of falling for Cam and that he won't accept her being a mother and Cam has no clue that Hayley is hiding a secret. But he cannot blame her either, 'cause he's keeping another secret from the rest of the world.
I liked how Tamsyn wrote their story. They are attracted to one another, but their relationship grows with time. Like a normal and healthy relationship. Then problems and secrets start to unravel and is what makes the story spun and keep the reader captivated until the very last page.
I have to confess, this story is full of emotion. Sometimes I cried, sometimes I laughed and sometimes and were every time on edge trying to know what would happen with these two. 
I loved the story, the characters, their relationship, their friends and the EPIC ending. And I was delighted when Cam punched "someone" almost at the end of the book and the beautiful things he said to Hayley. It was a romantic "movie-type" scene and that only earned more points to put Cam in my Fictional Boys List.
As I said, Tamsyn reminded us, readers, once more the power of love in a sweet, swoony and wonderful New Adult story. And she also showed us the great author she is. The only thing left to say to Tamsyn that she needs to keep writing such heart-breaking stories. And to you, Book Addicts, that you cannot miss this new story. Because it is definitely a must read New Adult that should be in your shelf!

~ Cameron ~

I roll over in bed and immediately feel hands all over my lower body. I don’t need to open my eyes to know who it is, or what she’s doing, because this is a regular morning wake-up call for me. Rachel’s mouth trails down my stomach, lowering until her hot breath blows over my morning wood. My cock jerks, a little sensitive to the heat of her mouth, and she giggles.
“I see someone’s a little eager for some play time,” she purrs. I open one eye and look down the length of my body to where her head is. Her grin is seductive, and sexy, yet something about this feels…old. The only excitement I feel is the physical kind, but I’d be an idiot to turn this down. I watch her mouth wrap around the tip of my cock and drop my head back as a groan escapes from my mouth.  I reach down, grabbing Rachel’s bleached blonde hair, and guide her until my tip hits the back of her throat. I wonder idly if Rachel would still wake me up like this if we were actually a couple, or if she only does it in the hopes that I’ll make whatever we are ‘official’. If that’s the case, I see many more mornings just like this in my near future because as far as mine and Rachel’s relationship status is concerned, we’re nothing more than ‘fuck buddies’, as my best friend Noah likes to call it.
My hips jerk wildly and I screw my eyes shut as my orgasm rips me into shreds. When I manage to calm my erratic breathing, I open my eyes to a very naked Rachel straddling my waist. She leans down to kiss me and I oblige. There is no spark, no electricity. Nothing. At least not from my side. I’m willing to bet Rachel is hearing wedding bells right now. Too bad I couldn’t care less. She rubs herself on me, sliding up and down, getting me hard again. Her moan should encourage me to take care of her, like she did me, but I feel no such inclination. I sit up, grab her hips, and pull her from my waist. “I’m going to shower,” I say callously. “I have to take Jordan to daycare before class.” Her pout becomes a scowl.
“What about me?” she asks petulantly. I climb out of bed, not caring that I’m buck ass naked, and look at her over my shoulder.
“Maybe later, babe,” I shrug.

She huffs behind me. “You’re such a jerk, Cam.”

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Tamsyn is a 21 year old blogger turned author from South Africa who has an insatiable hunger for New Adult Contemporary Romance novels, coffee and chocolate. When she’s not getting caught up in yet another steamy romance with a new book boyfriend, she can be found spending endless hours working away on her laptop in pursuit of her Marketing degree and a career in book Publishing. Tamsyn is a Brat when it comes to books and believes that every story, no matter how challenging, should have a Happy Ever After.

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