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The Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test #3) by Aimee Carter

The Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test #3) 
Aimee Carter
283 pages
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: February 26th, 2013
Rate: Enjoyed it

Love or life.
Henry or their child.
The end of her family or the end of the world.
Kate must choose.

Kate Winters was kidnapped nine months ago. She's pregnant, with Henry's child. A child that she wasn't looking for, but that the Goddess of fertility, a jealous Goddess, bless her with. 
However, what matters most is that she must survive from her and from a vengeful Titan, Cronus, that wants her and her child. 

Kate knows that she's the only one that can stop the imminent war. The King of the Titans has a soft spot for her and he would spare humanity from a horrible war and death and let Kate keep her child. But the King of the Titans will not do this for free. He wants her. However, either she accepts the deal or not, Cronus will kill Henry, to ensure that Kate will love him and only him, and her mother and the rest of the council for betraying him, long time ago. What happens If she says no to Cronus? The King of the Titans will kill everyone: Gods and mortals, and will tear the world apart. 

When not so long Kate was only living an almost teenage live, taking care of a dying mother, now she's the wife of the King of The Underworld, Henry, and she's expecting his child. That is what Kate wanted. Her life. She is in love with him and the jealousy of Calliope brought the destruction of her world.

Now with a huge responsibility, Kate needs to find a way to defeat Cronus, the most powerful being in existence, in order to return to Henry's side, with him alive, and keep the council alive, too. Because Henry has become the most important person in her life. And she'll do everything to safe him Even if it costs her everything.

After how ended the second book in this series, Goddess Interrupted, I needed to read the second book and when I saw it on Edelweiss, I had to request the ARC.
Again, Aimee Carter wrote an amazing story. I love mythology and Ms. Carter knows how to attract attention from readers. 
This time, in The Goddess Inheritance, she created a difficult situation, even more, for Kate. She has to decide between love or what's the right thing to do, her unborn kid or Henry, being miserable all her life or saving humanity and the gods... It's kind of asphyxiating. Don't you think? I mean, she was a teenage two books from this one and now she's expecting Henry's son... and dealing with Calliope, and Cronus and trying to keep everyone safe. Now I feel even more sad for her than before.
You can understand that with all this pressure, Kate's character is kind of different from the other two books. She's sad and nervous all the time, like crying all the time (ok, she's pregnant. It's normal). It's kind of shocking, though. You have the image of the second book, a strong and brave Kate, and from the first one, sweet and willing to do anything to keep Henry alive, it's like you want to solve everything for her just to not read again that she is crying. Again, not disturbing or something you want to delete from the story, but you feel the need to help her.
So... You can understand that she has also changed in a mature way. She's expecting Henry's child, thank you goddess of fertility (trying not to be spoilery for future fans of Aimee Carter), and she's the one that can save the world, literally. I liked that about her. She acts with a responsibility on her shoulders and she does it great. And was admirable how she tries to safe everyone: humans and gods.
Henry was all the romantic and sweet guy that he was trying to restrain on book one. He was beyond cute, to the level of girls screaming his name and some "marry me" everywhere. And if you had a crush on the king of Hades, you need to see him being a father. He was adorable and made me want to love him even more. 
These two are perfect together. I can't seem to say it enough times, but being in this situation made their relationship stronger and having the baby made them want to fight for a future together, as a family. Adorable.
About the other characters we are familiar with from the other books such as James, Ava, Diana... They are more in the story than before. Or at least that's my impression. And, definitely, it's a good thing.
As for the new character, Milo, Kate and Henry's son... well, what can I say to not repeat myself? Cute, adorable, lovable, endearing... He is an important character in the story and was great to meet Kate and Henry's son and see how much they would fight for him.  
After reading this story it was clear that this was all about Henry and Kate's relationship, being strong even in the difficult moments of their life, like Kate being captured by the King of the gorgons. However, I still have a free spot in my heart for James. Sorry, Book Addicts, I'm on team James, too.
What broke my heart in this book? Well, first of all, having the lovely couple apart and suffering. And reading the death of some characters. Yes, sorry, I needed to say it. Why?? (*insert desperate cry here*).
Despite my aching heart, I think this was the perfect ending for the Goddess Test series. With the perfect amount of drama, action and the resolution of the imminent war, you get the see how Kate and Henry have a brilliant future and that they are, along with Milo, a beautiful and perfect family. I was really happy to see how it all ended for them.
The Goddess Test series are a wonderful series full of mythology, a thing that I love, with an incredible plot and characters. And The Goddess Inheritance is its perfect ending. I highly recommend this book and, If you have not already read this series, to read all Aimee Carter books, because she created a fantastic story. Definitely a must read one.
That's why we are giving this time to The Goddess Inheritance four and a half gorjuss dolls. 

Shelley Hennig as Kate
Julian Morris as Henry
Diego Boneta as James
Diana Agron as Ava

What do you think, Book Addicts?

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