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No One's Angel by Kelly Walker

No One's Angel
Kelly Walker
260 Pages
Release Date: September 17th, 2013
Rate: Enjoyed it

*It is recommended for mature audiences only due to language and sexual content*

We have received an eARC of No One’s Angel thanks to Kelly Walker and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

No One’s Angel is a story about surviving, fighting for yourself and your freedom and learning to let go what you love the most. No One’s Angel, a New Adult novella, is another magnificent work of Kelly Walker that will captivate all your senses.

I must admit that I didn’t read the blurb of No One’s Angel, I just saw that it was written by Kelly Walker and I didn’t had to think it twice. Never mind, I was impressed with Ms. Walker’s stories and this one did not disappoint us at all.
At first, I was expecting it to be a fantasy novel (remember the part where I didn’t read the synopsis?) with angels and their super sexy grins, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! No One’s Angel is not about angels stealing your heart; it is about a girl who must learn to stand up for herself and fight for her freedom and a boy learning to let go what he loves the most.

I have to confess that I love Ms. Walker’s writing; it is enthralling, fluid, and refreshing. The fact that Ms. Walker's writing is smooth and straight to the point, was the first thing that made me choose this book, so when I started reading No One’s Angel I had my expectations high, and you know what? I wasn’t disappointed. As always, Ms. Walker's writing was spellbinding, descriptive and explosive. I loved it because of how she described Angel/Tess and Arion/Axel’s life, it was so depressive and at the same time beautiful to read. I should add that Kelly wrote No One’s Angel from two different points of view: Angel’s and Arion’s. Walker did a great job writing Arion’s side of the story, she nailed it!
The parts that I usually don’t like so much in NA books, are the one that I enjoyed most in No One’s Angel (yep, we are talking about physical contact). I enjoyed reading this parts where Arion and Angel were intimating, it was well described, and it wasn’t vulgar. Kelly made these scenes really special. I for once, enjoyed (like really enjoyed!) reading those intimate situations. 
I may as well say that I was impressed about how Kelly described a topic that it is a real and big problem in our society. It wasn’t distant, because you could easily swap places with Angel and find it perfectly normal. Like a thing that could happen to you.

As for the plot, I was so hooked up in the story, that I couldn't stop reading! I loved every single detail of it, not just Angel’s life, but Arion’s too.
I loved it because, as I have previously said, I could read both sides of the story, Arion’s and Angel’s. I don’t have a favorite side, but I should say that I still can’t stand the idea of a woman not standing out for herself, and the idea of a man hitting his wife/girlfriend. 
Now, let’s focus first on Angel’s POV. I won’t say I liked her life, I liked the idea that Ms. Walker created. At first I just wanted to give Angel a sermon of how women aren’t meant to be treated like a boxing bag, but then I opened my mind and let her explain her reasons to be afraid of her ex. It was so sad, I hated her ex, and I just wanted to punch him in his face and, maybe, in some delicate parts. I felt so sorry for Angel, and for every woman I may have judge without knowing the ugly truth. Arion’s life wasn’t easy either. But if you sure want to know him, I recommend you to read No One’s Angel, and fall in love with his story. And Angel’s, too.

I would also like to talk, just a little bit, about the main characters. Ladies first. Angel is, at first, fragile and lost. Her real name is Tess, but I like Angel more, so I’m gonna call her Angel (as I have been doing until now). I didn’t like her at first, but I didn’t dislike her either, I felt sorry for her? Of course I did. At the end she kind of grown in me. I envied her for her ferocity and I admired her for her courage. I also loved her because of how much she loved Arion. 
As for Arion, the moment "I put my eyes on him", I fell in love with him. I loved him because he was so protective with Angel, that it was really cute. I was left without air when he touched her. I liked his charisma and his grins. I just loved everything about him, even his defects. He is the perfect guy for me Angel. 

When I got to the end, that end! I was left breathless. The end was a perfect mix of love and danger. I knew it was going to end like that, but I was dying to know how Kelly would do it. Once again, Ms. Walker stole my heart with this magnificent end. 

It’s time to end this. I enjoyed reading and reviewing No One’s Angel, but now it’s time for me to go. I would suggest you to leave all you have, and buy/read this heartbreaker new adult book of Kelly Walker. I promise you this is an explosive and refreshing reading that you would really enjoy. And because we enjoyed it so much, we are giving this wonderful book a four gorjuss dolls.

Don't forget to enter into Angel & Arion's world.

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