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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful #1) 
Jamie McGuire
319 pages
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 26th, 2011
Rate: Loved it

I'm bookstruck. Yes, Book Addicts, I'm not only madly in love with Travis Maddox, but I'm truly, madly in love with Beautiful Disaster
After a few interviews with some authors, I saw that they had a thing for Travis Maddox and this book, so I needed to know this guy. And holy grail of hot characters!
The story of this two characters, Abby and Travis, is a mess. Their relationship is a train wreck and they are a disaster. I totally understand now the title of this book.
Abby Abernathy has a lot of potential as a character, however there's a lot of times that you want to slap her for a lot of reasons. She's smart and it's not afraid to say or do whatever she wants. However she has some moments that you start to doubt her. Like when her father arrives at college and she's in mode salvation on. I would slap her and her father for being such a jackass who has a serious problem. Or when she has a possessive controlling moment with Travis. I mean, girl, tell him to give you some space, I you love him, but you need to tell him that he's overreacting and it's being controlling and exhausting. 
Another thing I didn't like, probably because I was Team Travis from the first page, was Abby's relationship with Parker. Come on, girl! The boy is exhausting in a boring way. He's the typical wealthy, handsome boy who's going to Harvard. And Abby goes with him, because it's the right thing to do. She cannot go back to her old life, and Travis represents all of that. 
Travis Maddox, well, ladies, I'm in love with him. He starts like a player/heartbreaker/womanizer and ends up being a desperate/puppy guy. How the hell did that happen? I mean, it's okay to change the guy, because If I were Abby, I won't date him If he was saying other girls, but to "turn him" in a needy guy? Come on, where's the Travis "Mad Dog" Maddox? I kind of missed him at the end of the book.
Despite this, Travis is a sweet guy, that was waiting for the right girl. The right girl who would make him stop partying, stop the fights, stop the one night stands and turn him into the perfect guy who would do anything and everything for her. And that her is definitely (*drum roll*) me Abby. 
Okay, one tiny little thing that I like, but didn't find believable was the bet. I loved how they played along and Abby kept her promise, but in a real situation, with a boy you have just met... would you go live with him, for a month? Even If it's Travis Maddox? Don't think so. It was not realistic at all. However, I liked it. This bet, put the two of them in a situation where their sexual attraction is really tested and they barely hold themselves. And in more than one of those situations you want to slap Abby for being so naïve and not see how much Travis had changed and how much he cared about her. 
And who's the character you hate the most in this story? Abby's father. He's a jerk that thinks that her daughter screwed his life by taking his luck away from him. Say what? Yep. A total moron. He clearly hates her daughter and it's not ashamed to show it. So when he shows up and asks Abby's help, I kind of hated him and couldn't believe that she said yes.
I loved Travis' family. It's like a house full of sweet testosterone and I saw that Abby was comfortable around the boys. It's like she was supposed to by with this family from the beginning. They're beyond sweet and we loved them for it!
This story is full of tension, drama, fights, bad decisions and true love. I really enjoyed it, but, as I said before, this true are both a mess and they need to heal first, before being together in a relationship. They are a bomb that you expect to see it blow up during their relationship, and that bomb would mean break-up and drama, high level drama. And at some point, you that bomb goes off. It was a matter of time. Their love story is surely intense and they both need to improve some things, like Travis controlling character, or Abby's insecurities, but this story shows us that, sometimes, love is enough. 
Why I highly recommend this book? Because Abby and Travis relationship has such a strong intensity and passion that would consume you. And because they are a mess, they need one another to heal and be a better person.

Jensen Ackles as Travis Maddox
Candice Accola as Abby Abernathy
Colton Haynes as Shepley
Elizabeth Olsen as America

What do you think, Book Addicts?

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  1. This book is the best book ever! I have read it 15 times and I still can't put the book down without immediately turning back. Jamie McGuire is my 2nd favorite author. Fans all over the world will want to read this book. I can't wait to read what else is in store.