Saturday, September 26, 2015

The #JHPRHeartsBooks Photo Challenge!

The girls at JenHallingan PR are hosting an Instagram Book Challenge and since I was thought it would be fun and also gave me an opportunity to show my love for books on my Instagram account, I signed up. 

The PhotoChallenge has been running now for 13 days and will continue to more days posting the posts shown in the following image:

Some of the photos were pretty easy, because even before I started the PhotoChallenge I knew what I was going to use. However, some where difficult because I had to choose just ONE thing! ONE!!!

But I ended up picking something (or sometimes more than one thing... *grins*) and this is what I've posted so far:

Click on the images to see them on Instagram and in full size

If you want to enter, you still have time! Go to JenHalliganPR website and get the full information.

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