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Blog Tour: Breaking Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed #3) by Alyssa Rae Taylor

Breaking Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed #3)
by Alyssa Rae Taylor
Release Date: August 31st 2015
Rate: Enjoyed it (4 stars)
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He promised to leave me alone, but that was a lie. I should have known he’d have this pull on me—seeping through my skin and into my bones, burning me from the outside in. It’s just like when we were kids, and I can no longer avoid him. I’ve accepted it, but what will it take to convince him that I am no longer his? Is that really what I want?

I told her I’d leave her alone. But who was I kidding? I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge. He stole my girl—my future—from me. I’m coming back with a vengeance. I’m taking back what he took from me. After all the secrets and lies, can we come back from this? Even if it breaks me, I’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s always been mine.

I think Breaking Ryann is my favorite book in the Bad Boy Reformed series. This is the story of the happy ending we were promised when we started reading Alyssa's series and she didn't disappointed her fans.

Luke is back ready to win Reese and it teared my heart out to see Reese at first rejecting him. Like in other stories their drama continues due to Reese misinformation and don't give Luke the chance to explain himself. However, we can now say that we know Luke and he's not willing to give up. 

The story has progressed and the same thing can be said about the writing, the characters and the plot. I think that this story is my favorite out of the three books, not only for the awaited finale, but because we have what we were promised in the synopsis. There's drama, there's love, there's old wounds not healed, there's mistrust, sacrifice, friendship and the decision to make from the characters if being in love is enough to keep them together, this time forever. 

This book is the chance for the author to get those unsolved topics that were left behind in the first two books, give the characters time to solve their personal problems and decide what to do with their love. I fell for the characters all over again, with Gia, Logan and Reese, and even harder for Luke. 

Breaking Ryann is a great tribute for all Bad Boy Reformed fans and a great finale. The author just kept getting better and delivered an emotional story that would make all her readers happy.

I received these two ARCs in exchange of an honest review. Participating in this tour does not affect my opinion in any way.

For this tour I also read the first two books in the Bad Boy Reformed series. I received these two ARCs in exchange of an honest review. Participating in this tour does not affect my opinion in any way.

Overall conclusion: The Bad Boy Reformed book are a great story, with a lot of potential, great characters and a beautiful story to tell. But in my opinion is one of those series you need to read all books in one day to not end up miserable and hating the story. To understand what I said, read my mini reviews below.

Raising Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed #1)
by Alyssa Rae Taylor
Release Date: January 9th 2014
Rate: Average + (3,5 stars)

Mini Review:

Raising Ryann has a great potential. The characters have a story and there's chemistry between them. However, I thought the storyline would go different due to what I read on the prologue. It's true that the author amends that error in the following books, but leaves the reader a bit confused just by reading the first book. Moreover, there was some details that I missed. I was promised a MMA fighter and thought that this information would be important for the story. However, it's just the profession of Ryann. 

To sum up, the author had a great idea and a great story to tell, but maybe she wanted to tell a bit too much or didn't get to organize it well.

I loved that these two people shared a special and traumatizing story and that they could forgive themselves and their past in order to fall in love with each other all over again.

Resisting Ryann (Bad Boy Reformed #2)
by Alyssa Rae Taylor
Release Date: May 26th 2014
Rate: Average + (3,5 stars)

Mini Review:

This book is a bittersweet story for me. I was having such a hard time having the two main characters away from each other that I couldn't enjoy the story in his fully glory. It seemed like the two main characters were doomed no matter what they did.

However, I think that this story gave me as a reader a more insight to the secondary characters and made us fall in love with Luke a bit more. They are funny and it's the other couple meant to end up together and that have it easier than the main one.

In this story the plot was consistent and the story kept evolving to a point where the reader just wanted to cry and grab the next one. I think that this book is better distributed and organized than the first one, making the story more enjoyable despite all the drama that broke my reading heart.

USA Today Bestselling author Alyssa Rae Taylor lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, their three daughters, two English bulldogs and a miniature pig. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and watching Sam & Dean Winchester fight off scary creatures on the WB. She enjoys stories that tug at her emotions and isn't a fan of the insta-love type of romance. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband and children beside her. The first time she started writing, she couldn't stop, which leads to now, and the publication of the Bad Boy Reformed Series.

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