Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Blooming Goddess Trilogy by Tellulah Darling

272 pages
Publisher: Te Da Media
Release Date: April 1st 2013
Rate: Loved it

I hadn't had the chance to read this book until now, and I must say that I am really glad I joined this tour. This book is full of comedy mixed up with Greek mythology where you meet some incredible characters, and a romantic and impossible love story between the two main characters that would blow your mind and would remind you to the well-known and tragic italian lovers created by Shakespeare.
Sophie Bloom, the main character, is snarky, funny and easy to join in a story like this. She is easy to understand and really charming. I mean, she's struggling with all the consequences of being 16 and she keeps it cool and you cannot help it, but laugh with her. All the time.
And Kai, ladies, hot, sexy, caveman and lovable son of Hades. Yes, he's in our Fictional Boys List, for sure. At first, he's not so gentle with Sophie and kind of a jackass, I mean, he's supposed to be a bad boy! But then you get to know him a little bit more, and that's when you start doing your "Team Kai" flag.
Their relationship is an epic one and I think that their dramatic and mysterious attraction is what makes this book an incredible one. However, you get to love it because of the humorous part. While you are reading you keep an static smile in your face without knowing it. 
Tellulah Darling is a great writer that creates simply and magically some incredible stories worth reading it. Not only because it's easy to read her books, or because you love her character's attitude. But because of her writing style you enter an unforgettable world full of humor, romance, mythology, friendship and drama.
I'd definitely recommend this book to everyone and that's why we are giving this amazing book five gorjuss dolls and the promise to re-read it whenever we can!

288 pages
Publisher: Te Da Media
Release Date: October 31st 2013
Rate: Loved it

What made this series so enjoyable was, not only that we haven't had to wait to read the second book, but to get the chance to keep reading about Sophie and Kai and their incredible relationship.
The main characters are pretty much the same, with a slight chance. They face different situations and struggle with some new and old problems.
The thing we loved about Sophie? Her attitude? Is intact. She keeps her snarky attitude in line and shows us how strong and great she is. And we love her because of that. Although she's still trying to figure out the whole Persephone situation, she's incredible and makes the story keep flowing. 
Our Kai is still as charming as ever. Although you get to see a different Kai this time, kind of, because this time he has a lot on his plate, we keep reading about the guy we met in the first book. And we love him. 
We will stop right there 'cause we don't want to make any spoiler, but, Book Addicts, you need to read this one. Tellulah Darling did, once again, a wonderful and excellent job, and we get to see some amazing new characters in My Date From Hell and, obviously, the old ones, too. These books are definitely one of my favorites and I am definitely re-reading them when I can! 
That's the reason we are strongly recommending you this book and tell you that you are gonna love it. For sure! And how many gorjuss dolls we gave this book? Five, of course!

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Thank you so much to AToMR Tours for letting us be part of this incredible blog tour and giving us the chance to read Tellulah's amazing books. And to Tellulah for writing such incredible, unforgettable and wonderful stories. 

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  1. It was so lovely of you to host both My Ex From Hell and My Date From Hell, today. Thank you, Patricia and Rosa for reading and reviewing them. :)

    1. Hi Tellulah,
      We loved it. We are really glad we got the chance to read your books. We are definitely re-reading them when we have some free-book time ;) And we would anxiously for the third one! ^^
      Thank you so much for stopping by our site :)