Monday, March 24, 2014

New TUABFC buttons

Book Addicts!

Since my actual blogoversary day's approaching I decided to have two new buttons for my site. New year... new buttons? Why not? So while I was trying to work on a FFBC button I ended up not liking any of my ideas. But of of my not-so-good-ideas for the FFBC were truly cute ideas for my site, so that's how these lovelies below were created. 

They are so cute! Or so my friends and boyfriend told me. If not, they were lying to me to make me feel better (*sigh*). So, I need professional opinions now: What do you think, Book Addicts? 

If any blogger grabs my new buttons or any of my other buttons in the TUABFC section. Please, let me know so I can thank you endlessly and to also grab your button. 

Below, you can grab the code for each button.


  1. Those are pretty! I just started blogging last week and I've yet to make my own but I'll be grabbing yours for my blog.

    1. Hi! So happy to know that you liked them. And thank you so much for grabbing the buttons. Welcome to the blogger/reviewer world :) Let me know when you have all set up ^^ I'll happily grab your button, too ;)