Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday: Cherished by Kelly Elliott

Cherished (Wanted #4)
by Kelly Elliott
Release Date: January 21, 2014


Jessie Rhodes has been in love with Scott Reynolds for most of her life. But he ran away from her once, leaving her heartbroken.
When they find their way back to one another, things seem to fall into place, and they begin to plan their future together…
Until Scott’s ex-fiancée deceives them all. With yet another broken heart, it is Jessie’s turn to run away. During her retreat, she meets an intriguing man, and they form a bond that makes Jessie question everything.
Scott’s world collapses when the only girl he has ever loved disappears with no word on her whereabouts. When he finally discovers where Jessie has been hiding, he also learns of her new relationship.
Will deceit tear them apart? Or can Jessie and Scott survive their mistakes and choose to love and to cherish?

Honestly, I can't wait anymore for this book. I'm an unofficial Wanted Series addict and I miss the whole gang. I want to read more about Gunner, Ellie, Ari, Jeff, Heather and Josh *cry* and can't wait to read Scott's excuse for what he did at the end of Faithful (sorry, not telling!). But one thing I can tell you, I now, after reading Kelly Elliot's books, that there would be hot, romantic and swoony cowboys in it, full of drama and romance that would make you want to read more books in this series. So, of course I'm waiting for this book! But... do I really have to wait any more time? *cry again*.

Meanwhile I'd listen to the official Cherished Playlist. Just saying that the first song really explains my mood with this waiting *wink*

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