Monday, May 20, 2013

The Unofficial Express Yourself Event

Book Addicts,

We are opening a new post section in our website: The Unofficial Express Yourself Event.

This new section is thought as a way to express our feelings when we finish a book. Although we express them blurting out our thoughts in the reviews, there is nothing more expressive than a visual item. That is the reason of using Our Blog Gifs section in our We Heart It page.

This week we are going to start with a few books we have recently read.

Rock and a hard place by angie stanton

1) We have just one gif we want to show you that represents all our emotions for Garret Jamieson:

We kind of hate Garret the entire book

2) And of course we need to have a gif to express how we feel about Peter Jamieson:

That's what would happen if we get to see a guy like Peter Jamieson.

That would be us, If we see him and we were his Libby.

3) What we think about Libby's situation:

4) How we behave reading the book:

5) How we behave at the end of the book:

Transparent by natalie whipple

1) How would you feel if you were transparent, the invisible girl?

I think that sums it up pretty well. And for those who think it would be awesome, think the situation of Fiona: the invisible girl, inside a mafia mob and her father being the leader. 

2) How we feel about Seth:

yep, we couldn't understand him, sometimes. But we love him.

3) How we feel about Brady:

4) How we feel about Graham:

5) What we wanted to do to Fiona's father:

5) Our first reaction at the end of the book:

Play with me & Ryan hunter by piper shelly

1) What we wanted to tell Tony:

2) How we feel about Tony & Cloey:

4) How we feel about Liza:

5) How we feel about Ryan Hunter:

Of course, the girl is one of us. No exceptions.

6) How we behave while reading the book:

7) How we feel about Liza's choice:

8) How we behave & feel about Ryan Hunter's POV (point of view):

And that's all for now. Hope you like all the feelings we needed to express and hope you share the same feelings. If you do, please leave a comment or even if you don't please, tell us how you felt. We truly understand you.

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