My reviews are not professional or critical. It's a mere personal opinion about the books I am reviewing with the intention of showing people my point of view. Hopefully I'll be a good resource for them to decide if it would be great to read it or not. All based in the impression that the story gave me.

All reviews are meant to be respectful opinions.

Because Santoro's Gorjuss dolls by the artist Suzanne Woolcott are my cutest representative images, I'm going to rate the books from our reviews with Gorjuss dolls.

You can see an example of rating below:

One Gorjuss: I didn't like the book at all. Nothing about it appealed to me.

Two Gorjuss: An Ok book. It wasn't my type of read and/or gave me any special feeling.

Three Gorjuss: I liked the book, but nothing remarkable.

Four Gorjuss: Great Book! Exciting, lovable and interesting would be my definitions for it.

Five Gorjuss: Wow! Amazing Read. I strongly recommend it and would be in my to read again list for sure!!

Of course we respect the personal opinion of others and may not be the same for others. We are book geeks so we mostly like everything, but there's always a ranking. We'd try to do our best to reach to everyone with our opinion.

The Unofficial Shelfari Shelf is a special area in my blog linked to my shelfari account where our readers are able to see the books that we have read. In case any of you have any doubts about a book or want detailed information, you just have to click in the book of interest and you would be immediately redirected to the shelfari page of the book. 

However, I work more in my goodreads site. So if you want to follow my site in goodreads, all you have to do is go to the "Follow Us..." area in the right side of my website and click on the goodreads icon.

If you need any other information about the book or you have questions about it, just ask us!

I am trying to do something new and reading is a strong passion that I have, so I thought, along with Rosario, it would be an amazing thing to do. Although Rosario is no longer helping with the site, I still love this type of books and believe that every book can show us a different reality, a secret world waiting for us to enter. We may not know what the journey is going to be or where or even how, but we know for sure that we're gonna love it.

Of course, this is an excuse for me to keep reading more and more! So hope my opinion helps other addicted readers like me!

We're crazy in love with young adult books, so basically our books belong to that genre. Occasionally, we may read some other genres like adult romances, for example.

If you're an author or publisher who would like to send us a request to review one of your books, we'd be honored to accept the review request. Please, we'd love to!

If you want to contact us you can do it in the section of Follow Us or email: or

The best way to contact us with requests would be via email.

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