The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club started with Rosario and Patricia, two chemical engineering students at UAB (Barcelona, Spain) who read way TOO MANY books. Due to the amount work at college, Rosario had to leave the blog but she was very important to kick this site to the blogosphere.

There is nothing more comfortable for us than let ourselves go into another world. Our hundreds and hundreds of books are everywhere in our houses and we cannot wait to the next day when we have finished a book to tell each other about it. We love doing spoilers to each other (I have to confess, I love it more (Patricia)), but we promise to not leave any spoilers in our reviews.
We bury ourselves in a book and live the stories. We cry, we laugh and we get depressed with the characters. Why not? We really enjoy it.

Our main purpose with our blog is to spread our interest for books to young people like us. Not only english native speakers, but from other countries too. We've been in a lot of groups, forums and different book websites and see that people around the world love english literature. We should enhance the learning of other languages process and what could be better than read a book?

We would really appreciate your support guys and we really think that without you The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club is nothing but just another blog wondering around the internet. We cross fingers really hope that you would enjoy our website and we are going to be here for you. Just ask us anything! Even if it is to say hi! We would loved to.

If you're an author/publisher and you're interested in planning a FFBC Blog Tour you can find all the information here or send us an email to thefantasticflyingbookclub@hotmail.com.

If you're an author/publisher and you want me to review your book you can contact me at theunofficialaddictionbookfanclub@hotmail.com or at triciarosarioblog@gmail.com

If you're a Book Addicts who wants to contact me for any book-reason, you can email me at theunofficialaddictionbookfanclub@hotmail.com or at triciarosarioblog@gmail.com. You can also post in our blog (don't be shy!) in any publication or blog section or follow TUABFC in our different websites:

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